We develop pricing models that help underwriters hit their target loss ratios.

We believe pricing models should be a tool that underwriters can use to make smarter decisions and give them real-time analytics so they can see what each deal means to the bigger picture.

To develop our models we speak to the team who use them. We make sure that the model captures their real-world logic and process.

Using a “user-first” approach, we make sure the tools are a valuable addition to the underwriter’s toolkit. The data captured is in turn richer, and becomes an asset in itself. Happy underwriters, happy actuaries, happy businesses.



Our models are built to help assist underwriters, not to take control of the wheel. We believe that pricing models provide a great asset to the underwriter’s toolbox and should provide clear information to help decision making.

The better made the tool is and the more suitable it is for a task, the more it gets used.


The best models reflect the underwriter’s world view and give them a source of consistency.

We build models that capture the underwriting team’s approach. This allows us to create trusted tools and build real-time data analytics. This enables the model to show what each new deal means to the bigger picture.


Capturing pricing information should take care of itself.

Pricing models that provide valuable assistance and honestly reflect the views of their users become great sources of truth.

By ensuring that the data is captured at entry the model becomes a source of value.