Whether you require engineering services for a fixed term project or ongoing as-a-service support we can build a solution that fits your needs

Project based engineering

When you know there’s somewhere you need to go with your data and you want some support getting there, our project team can help you out.

Created alongside your team, with a focus on how your system needs to be used we help plan, build and implement data projects that deliver.

Get started today by dropping us a line or setting up a call.

Data Engineering as-a-Service

Data is having a bigger role to play in businesses every day, but not all companies are data companies.

Our clients can need regular support, maintenance and improvements of their systems without needing their own in-house data teams.

By working with you, we can tailor our monthly support to fit your business. Book a 30 minute call, and let’s discuss how this could work for you.

Choose the platform to best suit you

We can review, audit and update your current system or build from the ground up.


We know different stakeholders in your organisation have different needs for the same data, that’s why our systems are built with the adaptability to integrate with third party software.

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We’re proud to bring our knowledge and experience in insurance software and technology to our clients.

We know how insurance works, and we are passionate to drive it forward in a sustainable and efficient manner. We’ve seen clients come to us frustrated with solutions that promise the world but don’t offer the flexibility they require. Our experience allows us to help our clients utilise tools effectively and build the supporting architecture so that their business can grow without being constrained.

George Wright – Founder