We build market-leading data systems to enable our clients to make better evidence-based underwriting decisions.

Managing and understanding data has never been more crucial, and you need the right system if you want to do this well. We work with MGAs to deliver superior data platforms that are well-designed, reliable and trusted.

We ensure that our systems deliver the performance you need and the flexibility to adapt as your business changes. We build systems that unlock the power of advanced tools and technological features, so you can get more value from your data.

Market expectations and regulations are growing in number and complexity. We help you meet these challenges, while offering clients ways to work with you that automate and enrich manual tasks.



An adaptable platform keeps your options open. It frees you to remove and replace components, utilise external technologies where they add value, and stay current as the world changes.

Your platform should allow your most data-savvy partners to plug in and go, but be user-friendly for those without API connectivity.


Well-designed data processes are repeatable and clearly labelled. Each piece of data should have a known entry point and a traceable journey.

Our systems track data points each time they are processed. This means you can capture richer information and make better decisions.


We are honest about our systems. We keep track of issues, make changes, and create stronger processes. This way we reduce risk and add value.

Data systems are not filing cabinets – to be installed and left alone. On our platforms, continuous improvement is built-in.