Grow your MGA with a complete bordereaux database

BDX View processes messy and inconsistent bordereaux spreadsheets into a single database. Instantly see all of your business in one place.

Vounder really helped us better understand our data.

Always proactive, helpful and committed.

Chief Technology Officer

Nat Gen Launchpad

Vounder enabled us to build a data-driven price modelling platform.

Bringing a can-do approach and creativity to the team.

Chief Pricing Actuary

Axis Capital

Vounder transformed our insurance data interpretation, making it intuitive, clear and effective.

A game-changer for us.

Cat Modelling Director


Introducing BDX View

In a world where there are millions of data points being generated, capturing and organising the ones that are important to you can become a minefield.

MGAs need clean, accurate & up-to-date policy data.

Our clients were fed up with the time, cost and risk with manually adjusting their bordereaux each month, so we built BDX View to do it for them.

vounder organise excel to secure and organised data

Quickly consolidate mismatching spreadsheets into a clean database

Instantly process inconsistent spreadsheets into a clean and secure databases.

See the whole picture in one place.

Automatically spot errors

Get instant feedback as you update your database to let you know of any errors or missing data.

Remove the risks that come with inaccurate data and reduce the nasty surprises by consolidating your current data processes into a streamlined database.

vounder organise excel to secure and organised data
vounder organise excel to secure and organised data

Grow your business efficiently

Increase your ability to scale without needing to add back office resource.

Keep your stakeholders happy that everything is under control.

Power up your existing team

BDX-View is designed to help teams that don't have access to an army of data scientists in the background.

Create datasets that quickly can plug into powerful data visualisation tools such as PowerBI or Tableau.

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60 day money-back guarantee

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Simple data, simply communicated

Benefit from having all of your business' most important data in one place.


Scale with stability

Create a secure, affordable and scaleable database that provides a great foundation for building data-driven insights.


Clear insights

Enjoy best-in-class data insights without introducing key person risk or needing an army of data scientists and engineers

Flexible Pricing


For MGAs getting started and only needing to update a small handful of consistent bordereaux each month.

Perfect for teams that are wanting to grow, and not be bogged down by a swamp of unwieldy spreadsheets.

from £450 pcm

£900 pcm


For MGAs and carriers that are dealing with multiple bordereaux sources and formats every month.

For established MGAs wanting to be able to quickly view their whole portfolio, automatically spot performance anomalies and create powerful data visualisations so that they can continue to secure and grow capacity efficiently.

from £1,250 pcm

£2,500 pcm


For enterprises that have many data sources, require independently verified security certificates compliance measures around their data warehouse and want to add bespoke features.

Enterprise deals are priced on requirements. Book a call and we can discuss.

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